Cari Mali Grad – a Bulgarian Wonder Near Borovets
Cari Mali Grad – a Bulgarian Wonder Near Borovets

“The Bulgarian Wonder for 2013 is Cari Mali Grad” – this was announced on national television last week. “Cari Mali Grad” is the winner in the national campaign “The Wonders of Bulgaria” with 64.59% of the public vote.

Cari Mali Grad”, located near Belchin village, Samokov, is the first fully restored Roman fortress in Bulgaria. The fortress on the top of Sveti Spas Hill dates from IV-V century and has preserved evidence from several different eras and populations - Thracians, Huns, Romans, Goths. This unique historical heritage also includes a church from ХVII century.

Building of the fortress “Cari Mali Grad” was started while Emperor Valens was the ruler of the Eastern Roman Empire (364 – 378 year). The place where the fortress was built was chosen carefully taking into account the possibility to see over the valley and defend its western part, and of course the existence of a mineral water source at the foot of the hill.

Until recently the fortress known as “Cari Mali Grad” existed only in folklore legends. Archaeologists did not know its exact location but treasure hunters managed to find it. The hill was covered by a thick forest, archaeologist Veselin Hadzhiangelov says. "We came immediately after we found out treasure hunters were digging." The site turned out to be a great find and in 2007 Bulgarian archaeologists managed to uncover a fortress tower, which is part of a Roman fortress, with a 400m long wall.

The fully restored fortress was opened to the public on July 20th, 2013. You can reach Cari Mali Grad by car or if you are keen at tourism there are two eco-trails.  The fortress is situated at only 20km from Borovets. While you are enjoying your summer or winter vacation at the Rila Hotel in Borovets, ask for information at the “Borosport Adventure Centre” (in the lobby of the hotel) for the tours organized by Borosport to “Cari Mali Grad” (Tsari Mali Grad).

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Cari Mali Grad – a Bulgarian Wonder Near Borovets
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