"Perla" Resort


“Perla Village” Resort is the latest significant investment project of BT Development Services. The former residence of the last Bulgarian communist dictator – Todor Jivkov, located in a unique, quiet bay, next to the “Ropotamo” Wild Bird Reserve, is at the core of this project. The new development will transform this stunningly beautiful and pristine place into the first real “green” resort in Bulgaria, built and operated in full harmony with the surrounding nature. “Perla Village” will be a one of a kind luxury resort and real estate opportunity consisting of: (1) A retail center, styled around the distinctive cultural heritage of the surrounding Sakar Mountain region, offering exquisite shopping and dining, access to golfing and other unique entertainment venues, reflecting the authentique Bulgarian national spirit; (2) Vacation villas designed with the best of the Bulgarian traditions in mind and built with the best local materials; (3) A luxury boutique hotel in the renovated original residence building.

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